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Date created

Sep 2021

A website to generate and learn about passwords

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Project overview


I developed Passworld to focus on raising awareness about cybersecurity and the significance of robust passwords. It enables users to evaluate the strength of their passwords and offers features to generate new ones. Additionally, the site includes a section displaying the most frequently used passwords, illustrating common security pitfalls.


Passworld is built using Laravel, with Blade templates for dynamic HTML page rendering. The UI design is crafted using Tailwind CSS, complemented by the DaisyUi plugin, which aids in creating an engaging, responsive interface. This setup allows users to generate passwords through an interactive slider, incorporating options like numbers, letters, symbols, and even swear words.

A unique feature of Passworld is the “a$$word” page, where users can create a password comprising a sequence of concatenated swear words. To make these passwords memorable yet logical, I designed several grammars and an algorithm that intelligently combines swear words. This approach ensures that the passwords are not only unique but also easy to remember.