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Date created

Jun 2023

The placement online diary


  • The website I created for my dissertation

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Project overview


For my dissertation project, I created POD - Placement Online Diary - a web application designed to be an interactive and engaging platform for managing and sharing placement experiences. Built with Laravel, Vue, and Inertia, POD was the first time I used Inertia and Vue, chosen specifically to handle its front-end intensive nature.


POD was developed using a tech stack that includes Laravel, Inertia, Tailwind, and Vue, along with the addition of both MySQL and MongoDB for database management. This combination of technologies was specifically chosen to cater to the application's need for a responsive and interactive user interface. For instance, users can effortlessly create and update diary entries with a WYSIWYG editor.

A standout feature of POD is its capability to let users define custom templates for diary entries. Users can select from a variety of pre-set templates such as

  • 'General Diary Entry'
  • 'New Skill Learned'
  • 'Training Completed' etc.

This feature greatly simplifies the process of grouping and managing similar entries.

MongoDB plays a crucial role in POD by providing the flexibility and modularity needed for these features. Its non-relational structure is ideal for handling the dynamic and varied data associated with custom diary templates, ensuring efficient data management and retrieval.